What kind of product is the ground spring
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What kind of product is the ground spring

It is usual to enter the office building, large restaurants and shopping malls, need to open the glass door to come in, and when the door will certainly feel heavy, takes some effort to open, the reason for this is because the door below a spring assembly.

But there are a lot of people don't know this is a what kind of product, can spring manufacturer, detailed information here can get products, this is a closed door product, when the product of the work under the pressure spring component is the turbine part, as people think that the assembly of the gear rack.

The turbine is rotating along the positive direction, so the application range of this product is more extensive than closed door products, this product is mainly used for spring manufacturers in the open double direction door and door products can only be used in a single direction open the door, but the two products can make the door automatically return to the closed state the original, ensure the door closed when the door closed, not because of injury to the people.

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