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What is the key point of the use of floor springs

What is the key point of the use of floor springs


What is a lot of people are very curious about spring key points of technology, the key point is the main bearing in the bearing seat, it is easy to find, directly determines the product to bear the weight of the level, and closer because the product is not the same, mainly used to open in two directions on the door, so do not need to bear the weight as is the door of the weight, the weight of the door to a decisive role in the selection of products, of course, the door width and wind pressure will be very important to product type selection.

Secondly, we need to consider the spring manufacturer production angle, transfer degree of turbine construction products would make the product less than the extend of spring closed gear and the rack, in addition to product closed door arm is short, so the product quality depends on the structural design and the machining precision is high.

Besides, due to two directions, opening door's door leaf will play a great role in the production of the floor spring manufacturer along the plane, so the use time of the lower floor spring and the higher grade spring is also very different.