The general problem of the spring
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The general problem of the spring

1. Sound (open the door, close the door click Kaka sound)


(1) Check the door screw is tight or tight with the spring guide head. 

(2) Check whether the bearing on the clip is dropped. 

(3) spring shaft guide shaft head does not jam the bearing position will sound

2. Non-step adjustment or free door

(1) a section of the return, the middle without a pause without buffer, direct return. 

(2) Check whether the two speed regulators are in the same position, the two speed control valve are screwed to the most tight, and then a section of the speed slowly loose. 

(3) When the door is too heavy or open the door when the force is too large lead to break the bar, the actual width of the installation when the width of the applicable door width. Due to the spring force can not reach the width should be installed after two or three months there will be no buffer phenomenon

3. Closed door will be stuck in a position can not move

(1) may be broken rods have been broken or embedded in the cylindrical pin and pull rod screws fall, should be replaced in time spring.

4. Oil spill: sub-body oil and oil spill oil spill.

(1)body oil leakage is the body and the oil plug tight degree is not good. (2) Check the oil hole Check whether the hole is loose.

5. The spring guide head automatically rises

(1)The spring guide shaft is not jammed or not jammed.

6. The left and right doors are not closed at the same level

(1) Check the door bearing position and the spring guide pin with a gap. 

(2) Whether the installation position of the spring is straight. 

(3) The door is wide (the spring size of each spring, the spacing force is not the same.With small size models apply too wide door pages. Spring force can not reach the width should be. 

(4) due to the production of bearing position is not built when the end will lead to the spring guide head is not in the middle, so the installation of two facade is not the same level.

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