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How to maintain semi-automatic door guide rail

How to maintain semi-automatic door guide rail


If you want to make a semi automatic door guide rail in peacetime use also can maintain better use it, then you will need to pay attention to some of the usual good products daily cleaning and maintenance work, the only way to let the whole rail have a better use effect, better effect.

We can see that after the use of automatic door usually, everyone is the best time to clean up, especially because the guide is a device belonging to the U type, so are particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of dust or dust, if not promptly cleaned it, so a long time to move to the door smoothly the direct impact will.

In addition we also need to carry out regular maintenance for the semi automatic door guide rail, such as grease on the guide rail above the oil, a maintenance mode is very useful, after such lubrication, can let the door guide have a better fluency with, can make it a better the effect of.