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Floor springs with remote controls have excellent effects

Floor springs with remote controls have excellent effects


At present in the market of floor spring is mainly can be divided into three types, the first is "fixed", this is a product of the most basic, the products are fixed on the ground through the bracket, so you can better protect the entire product use process safety, operation is relatively it is very simple and practical.

The other is the "tilting" products, this kind of product is actually an evolutionary version is fixed, because the fixed products can not be dumped, so when in use, relatively passive, more trouble, and the use of tilting design products, can be treated through a flexible operation for products better, more convenient for opening or closing.

Now there is a kind of "remote control" of the floor spring, this product can be used for remote control, can easily let you remotely door to open or closed operation, very convenient, but also let the whole door flexibility and operability has been effectively increased.