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Floor springs have been widely used

Floor springs have been widely used


Floor spring is usually used as a useful tool in the process of closing for various large doors, can play a great role in the process of hydraulic closed, can effectively improve the quality of products and production, reduce the manpower needs of operation, but also can greatly improve the working environment of a door in the process of making.

This product style is very special also quite beautiful, the inner layer and the outer layer to form two different materials, with interlayer between the two layers, and the operation way is in the sandwich layer into the chip to control, so it is also called the automatic door closing device.

The floor spring closed in many areas inside hydraulic have been widely used, whether it is open or one-way two-way open, it can play a very strong role, and it has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation, safe and easy to control, the practical performance is very out of color, by the use of personnel are consistent well, in the industry have a high reputation.