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Bai hi
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modelB-138BrandBai hiphysical dimension265 * 132 * 62 (mm)
Adapt to door size1100 * 2100 (mm)Bearing the door weight60-125 (kg)The door is open90-116 (°)
The main mining systemcast ironSurface treatmentDrawingAdaptation scopeSteel doors, wooden doors, 8-12mm tempered glass doors

Installation steps of ground spring

1 : Draw line, make ground spring axis center and door clip axis overlap.

2 : Open holes in the ground according to the instruction and material object, the size of the hole shall be tightly fitted with the spring housing, Do not loosen.

3:Place the ground spring into the open hole, Straighten out.

4 : Pick up the door fitted with the door clip, the rotating shaft of the ground spring is inserted into the rotating shaft hole of the door leaf.

5 : A screw that regulates the direction of the spring in three directions, Keep the door fan upright, And the upper and lower rotation axis coincide.

6 : Adjust the speed of closing door

7:Cover the top of the spring decoration

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