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Thank you for choosing our products,In The correct use of circumstances,This product can achieve the most ideal use effect.The material and structure of this product conform to the national standard,If product quality problems are found,Can hold this product to the sales outlets,our company has three packs of service,If caused by human damage product,It is not within the scope of the above commitments.


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Committed to the development of engineering hardware, design, production and sales


Project case

Yongxin enterprises have been in line with international production technology, in strict accordance with international certification ISO9001, product from research and development to manufacturing, quality control to achieve the process of management, strict production processes and advanced production technology for the production of high quality products laid the foundation.


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About Yongxin

Gaoyao Jinli Town yongxin hardware factory it is the ground spring and semi-automatic door system, glass hanging wheel, door guide rail, hardware accessories and other products,professional production and processing companies.has been committed to the development and production of international high taste engineering hardware for many years,bring the latest fashion, technology and ideas to modern life.
Make yongxin engineering hardware everywhere in our life, show honor.

yongxin enterprise's keen market insight and perfect network sales system,we have maintained a leading posit


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